Criminal Lawyers and their clients

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The late Washington DC lawyer Edward Bennett Williams was once quoted as saying "No physician worthy of the name would turn away a patient because he suffers from a loathsome or incurable disease. No clergyman [...]

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Cuba and Communism

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I am not a communist. I have been raised to believe that communism is not a form of government that I wish to live under. Maybe it was because of indoctrination. I am not sure. [...]

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A Dilemma of Hope

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We see TV images of thousands of people coming from Central America toward the United States border. They all have one thing in common. They want the freedom and opportunity that is present in this [...]

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Why can’t we all just get along???

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It seems like every day the American public is bombarded with the acrimonious dealings between the Republicans and Democrats in our government. If one side wants something, the other does not. If something positive is proposed, the [...]

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Are trials truly a search for the truth?

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I have heard it said that trials are a search for the truth. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the actual truth. What I mean is that it is the perception of truth that [...]

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There will be no winners in the confirmation process of  Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Americans were shown the true colors of our two-party system miserably at work. Mudslinging is too kind of a term to use in describing "the search for the truth."  It seems that the "agenda" of the parties takes precedence over [...]

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