How hate divides a country

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I have two visions of a man who so desperately wants a woman to tell him she loves him.  In one vision, the man has a gun to the head of the woman telling her to [...]

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COVID times – Trying times

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Like many other businesses, the practice of law has taken a huge hit with the advent of COVID-19.  People are out of work and in need of money. People without money cannot afford lawyers. And with [...]

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George Floyd was murdered. Plain and simple. Anyone who would watch that video of someone, civilian or police, occluding the airway of a handcuffed man lying face down on the street for eight minutes, would [...]

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How to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Do you remember the title to this column from the story of Snow White? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Well let’s [...]

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How the Coronavirus has affected the practice of law

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Law offices were initially declared essential businesses and therefore, in theory, never had to close. Law practices took the same hit as restaurants. In short, the phone stopped ringing. That reality, in part, was caused [...]

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Testing the Resolve

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The coronavirus came upon the world like a tsunami that has yet to reach shore. The impact of the virus was something that none of us would have imagined. Small businesses whose finances were dependent [...]

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