Taking blood in DUI crash cases

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      In Birchfield v. North Dakota, 136 S. Ct. 2160 (2016) the United States Supreme Court ruled that warrants were necessary to extract blood from a motorist involved in DUI crash cases where someone was [...]

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Much has been said lately about the "stand your ground" law. There are some misconceptions that the public has concerning its applicability. Some people believe that the law allows a person to use deadly force in [...]


Jury’s deliberations questioned

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The United States Supreme Court handed down an opinion that changed the law on whether a citizen or the court can involve itself in the deliberations of a jury (See: Pina-Rodriguez v. Colorado, 580 U.S. [...]

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New Proposed Constitutional Amendment

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Proposition 96 also called "Marcy's Law" is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to Florida's Constitution that would add significant rights to victims of crimes.  On its face, it is well intended, however there are unintended negative [...]

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Not Everything Legal is Moral

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Florida law allows the office of the state attorney to issue subpoenas for investigative purposes pursuant to Florida Statute chapter 27. When such a subpoena is issued, it commands the presence of the individual involved. [...]

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