New Proposed Constitutional Amendment

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Proposition 96 also called "Marcy's Law" is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to Florida's Constitution that would add significant rights to victims of crimes.  On its face, it is well intended, however there are unintended negative [...]

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Not Everything Legal is Moral

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Florida law allows the office of the state attorney to issue subpoenas for investigative purposes pursuant to Florida Statute chapter 27. When such a subpoena is issued, it commands the presence of the individual involved. [...]

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Police can stand their ground

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The question as to whether or not police officers, employing deadly force while conducting an arrest were limited to the force permitted by statute in making arrests was recently taken up in an appellate decision [...]

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Supreme Court changes a long standing rule

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A general rule has been broken by the U.S. Supreme court this past term.  It ruled that when clear evidence emerges after a jury verdict that there was racial bias during deliberations, the trial judge [...]

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Evidence Destruction

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The Florida Supreme Court has recently come down with two cases which deal with due process when the state destroys evidence. The first is Patterson v. State found at 199 So. 3d 253 (Fla. 2016). [...]

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Cell phone pass codes: Give ’em up or go to jail!

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Recently, ​an appellate court in Florida has ruled that if law enforcement obtains a search warrant to be able to look into someone's cell phone for data, a judge may lawfully require the owner of that [...]

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