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The law firm of deVlaming & Rivellini is a criminal defense firm with over 80 years combined legal experience representing clients in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. While other lawyers depend on advertising, we rely on something that is earned, not bought – our reputation. Instead of trusting a billboard, ask local lawyers and law enforcement officers who they would seek if a member of their family was accused of a crime. You can also learn more about our credentials, experience and criminal defense practice by exploring our website. If you would like for us to help you or your family in any criminal matter, call us for a free office consultation. Our reputation matters, and so does yours.

Cases We Accept

Some clients call as soon as they suspect that police might be involved. Some call after being charged with a crime. Others even call after their case has proceeded to court, they’ve been sentenced, want to appeal, need post-conviction relief, or seek to clean up their record.

Cases We Accept

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