2020 will go down as the lost year. By that, I mean that normalcy just does not exist. Everything we are used to doing, we cannot continue to do. That vacation? Canceled. Having friends over for a get together? No way. Restaurants open for business? No such luck. And so on.
Masks are no longer preferred, but expected. I have finally gotten use to grabbing mine as I leave my car to go into the supermarket. I cannot tell you the number of times I had to go back to the car as I started to enter the building. It just did not seem natural.
Going to court has been replaced with sitting in front of a computer and having a virtual hearing. I wish that I had stock in Zoom.  I would be rich.  This pandemic has brought changes; some of which will remain even after a vaccine is developed and distributed. As the expression goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.”  Because we need to “social distance” (don’t you love that term?) we have had to learn to get by without face-to-face meetings. I have already heard that judges will continue to use Zoom even after the pandemic is behind us. It saves time and seems to be more convenient for everyone. No need to travel to the courthouse and find a parking place. Only time will tell whether the lessons we have learned from COVID 19 will serve us well.

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