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Back to Normal? Hardly


A few years back there was a movie released named “Up in the air” starring George Clooney (A movie worth watching with a surprise ending!). The storyline was that it was Clooney's job to fly around the country and fire long-term executives and workers. He did that face-to-face. The company he worked for ultimately decided that [...]

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


I have often wondered how much evidence it takes to convince someone “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That is a standard we are all used to hearing. It is a standard throughout the United States. But just how much evidence is needed? It got me thinking. In all probability, it is a different standard to many [...]

Welcome Kali deVlaming!


deVlaming & Rivellini excitedly welcomes another deVlaming to the firm, Denis’s daughter, Kali. Kali graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011 with a Business Administration major. After college, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and worked in commercial real estate. It was there she earned a paralegal degree from Emory University. While pursuing her [...]

Sly Like a Fox


I have been watching the George Floyd case on television like millions of others.  As I listened to the prosecutor conduct some direct examinations, I wanted to jump up and say “objection!”  I just could not believe that the defense would allow what I believe to be improper and objectionable questions. Then I got to [...]

The perception of truth


I grew up believing that trials are a search for the truth. The whole truth. Moral truth. God’s truth. Unfortunately, after almost 50 years of practicing law I have come to believe that trials are not about a search for the ultimate truth. Trials are about the perception of truth. What the jury believes is true [...]

The Passing of my friend Bernie McCabe


The State Attorney for the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, Bernie McCabe, died on January 1, 2021. Although he was experiencing some health issues, his passing was a surprise to many. Bernie and I have known each other for over 50 years. In 1969, we started as freshmen at Stetson University College of Law in [...]

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