Self Representation

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Ronnie O'Neal III escaped death.  On trial for murdering his girlfriend and daughter, the jury unanimously convicted him but recommended that he be sentenced to life imprisonment. They rejected the prosecutor's urging to recommend death. Most lawyers [...]

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Back to Normal? Hardly

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A few years back there was a movie released named “Up in the air” starring George Clooney (A movie worth watching with a surprise ending!). The storyline was that it was Clooney's job to fly around [...]

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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

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I have often wondered how much evidence it takes to convince someone “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That is a standard we are all used to hearing. It is a standard throughout the United States. But [...]

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Welcome Kali deVlaming!

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deVlaming & Rivellini excitedly welcomes another deVlaming to the firm, Denis’s daughter, Kali. Kali graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011 with a Business Administration major. After college, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia [...]

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Sly Like a Fox

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I have been watching the George Floyd case on television like millions of others.  As I listened to the prosecutor conduct some direct examinations, I wanted to jump up and say “objection!”  I just could [...]

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The perception of truth

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I grew up believing that trials are a search for the truth. The whole truth. Moral truth. God’s truth. Unfortunately, after almost 50 years of practicing law I have come to believe that trials are not [...]

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