I have two visions of a man who so desperately wants a woman to tell him she loves him.  In one vision, the man has a gun to the head of the woman telling her to say she loves him or he’ll blow her brains out.  In the other vision he earns her love and eventually, when she is ready, she professes her love for him. I suppose in both cases one could say that she told him she loved him. Not surprisingly, in one case she meant it and in the other case she didn’t.
Our country is increasingly being divided by hate. That hatred only leads to resentment and anger. Respect is earned. It is not won over through intimidation or violence. If we are all to get along there has to be a common ground of understanding. If everyone can walk a mile in another’s shoes then a journey can begin that is worth traveling.

About the author : deVlaming & Rivellini P.A.