Episode 2: How Am I Charged with A Felony When It’s Petit Theft?! That Thing Was Only $11…

Remember the bikini contest wife? Well, once she went to jail, the husband decided to continue the party on the beach, but he was getting fried to a crisp by the sun! He was in desperate need of sunscreen. Where is that darn beach bag with his wallet in it? Oh no! The wife took it with her when she got arrested. He decides to walk in to CVS and scope out the sunscreen selection. CVS is a billion-dollar company…they won’t miss one little bottle of sunscreen… The husband gets sticky fingers and walks out with an $11 bottle of Coppertone. Well, the loss prevention officer sees him do it and calls the police! The husband now finds himself in handcuffs and sitting in the Pinellas County Jail. He looks down at his paperwork and the charge says Felony Petit Theft. Felony?! That sunscreen was only $11. He then remembers when he lived in Georgia, he had too many beers at a Morgan Wallen concert, and stole a sweatshirt. Arrested and convicted for Petit Theft. Then there was this time in Alabama where he stole a 6 pack of beer from 7-11. Arrested and convicted for Petit Theft.

Under Florida Statute 812.014(3)(c), if you have two prior convictions for petit theft, the third arrest for petit theft is enhanced to a third-degree felony. It is very important to hire an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process when faced with a theft charge.

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