George Floyd was murdered. Plain and simple. Anyone who would watch that video of someone, civilian or police, occluding the airway of a handcuffed man lying face down on the street for eight minutes, would come to the same conclusion. Premeditated, if you ask me. That case will play out in court. I’ll take money on the outcome.

The aftermath of that tragic event, along with others also in the news recently have caused an uproar, understandably, of the African American community. They point to the fact that there is a systemic problem of police brutality that has gone unchecked for years if not decades. Protest is understandable and, in my opinion, called for.

If change is going to occur, it is going to occur with dialogue and understanding. Acceptance is also necessary that the problem exists among some police departments. When both sides can work together toward a positive change, we will all begin the healing process of eradicating racism in America.

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