The coronavirus came upon the world like a tsunami that has yet to reach shore. The impact of the virus was something that none of us would have imagined. Small businesses whose finances were dependent on a steady income were damaged beyond repair. Some of those businesses will never reemerge or thrive again. Families with little savings were hit the hardest. Living from paycheck to paycheck they found themselves unable to weather a pandemic that has kept them out of work for months.

And then there is the mob mentality of hoarding certain goods for fear they will become scarce and unavailable. Paper products flew off the shelf as a stampede of hoarders bought up what they could because their neighbor was doing the same thing. When and how this is going to end is a test of the resolve of everyone worldwide. Working slowly for containment and waiting for a vaccine that will put an end to this new form of plague is all we can do. It is the same resolve that Americans felt when our country was attacked in World War II. It is not all for one, but one for all.

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