There will be no winners in the confirmation process of  Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Americans were shown the true colors of our two-party system miserably at work. Mudslinging is too kind of a term to use in describing “the search for the truth.”  It seems that the “agenda” of the parties takes precedence over fairness, civility and downright professional conduct. Senators were seen trying their best to get their fifteen minutes of fame before a national audience in the hopes that it will secure their reelection, or better, an election to a higher office. Both sides couldn’t care less about the truth. The truth is what they want it to be not what it necessarily is. Some are masters at the “spin.”  They make the decision on what side of the mouth they want to speak out of and then talk. Unfortunately, they often neglect to engage their brain before doing so.
I can see why some people are fed up with how things are done in Washington. All they want, is for a common effort to resolve the issues that face our country. Unfortunately, what they get instead, is the attitude of the parties “if you want it, I don’t.”  And that leads to a sorry state of affairs.

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