On September 29, 2020, the presidential debate was aired. My hope was that it would produce a clear picture of whom should be president of this country. It took less than five minutes to realize that there would be no clear winner.

As I watched this spectacle unfold, I silently hoped that there were no children watching who saw two adults acting so childish. There were constant interruptions with no regard for being polite or considerate. There was name-calling (clown, stupid, ignorant) and an occasional “shut up!”  The issues, that the viewing public had hoped to learn about, took a backseat to petty bickering and “one upmanship.”  The protocol of debate was completely ignored.  All that was left were two sandlot fighting men who were more interested in destroying one another than giving the public what they had tuned in for.  If the next debate is the same, I plan on going to bed early.

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